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Double Glazed Windows


At Britannia Windows, we believe that everyone should their dream windows without having to compromise. We make all of our windows at our state of the art factory near Bristol, bringing you the perfect size and style for your window to match your project.


Quality is our obsession at Britannia. We work to provide you with new windows that are the best around, which is why we are consistently at the forefront of innovation in the industry. Our windows are made with A+ rated glass only and come in either double or triple glazing.


Beautifully smooth and elegant, our modern PVCu is highly insulative and a complete change from the outdated version of the 80s. Our PVCu can be customised to suit your tastes with a variety of colours and wood finishes, whether you want a splash of colour, oak effect or just classic white. Our popular Aluminium windows are another modern offer for your property, giving you a slimline design and durability.

New window ranges


Your new windows can be found within our range of classic sash windows, French windows, high-performance tilt and turn windows (with two-way opening), and casement windows. Bow and bay windows are also available if you fancy adding more light, space and value to your project.


Serving as one of the most important parts of your project, we want to help you make the right choice for your windows. Friendly project visits are the way we can do this. By talking you through the process and options to achieve your new project style, you will be sure to have the windows you’ve always wanted.

Discover the new potential of your project by contacting us, downloading our brochure or browsing our products.

Common questions

What type of window frame is best?

The best window frame for you depends on your budget, house type and the sort of style you are aiming for. UPVC provides an affordable, high-performance option, which can be personalised with colour and wood finish. Another material is Aluminium but due to its sleek and durable characteristics, the price tag is a little higher.

Please contact our expert team if you require further guidance on the best window frame for you.

Can I expect energy savings from my new windows?

In many cases, you will save money. However, this depends on the windows you had beforehand. Upgrades from single to double glazing, or double to triple glazing, will demonstrate clear savings for you in the winter season. Older windows tend to have inefficient seals at their frames, causing draughts and wasting heat, so replacing them will cause a world of difference to your project and your bills. 


By installing our brand new double or triple glazing from our expert manufacturers, you will likely see energy savings. However, the most apparent, significant difference will occur if you are upgrading your single glazing windows.

Can I match my window design to my house style?

Yes, we can help you match our windows to your existing house design. Our windows bring a variety of different colours, styles and finishes for you to represent your project in the best visual way possible to visitors.

We have an abundance of wood finishes available with our standard uPVC windows. Additionally, there is a selection of colours to choose from as part of our Premium range, ranging from rich sage green to vibrant cherry red. However you imagine your ideal house, our experts are here to discuss your window designs and how they can effortlessly blend in with your property style.

What type of glazing should I get?

Although double glazing is a mainstream option, not all double glazing is made with to the same high specifications as ours. We have found the perfect energy-efficient and noise-reducing set-up of a 28mm unit with a 20mm gap between the panes, so we offer this as standard. We do not install single glazing due to its inefficiency and high condensation levels. 


Contact us today if you would like to talk about triple glazing options, which is best for cold areas and optimal thermal efficiency. Three panes of glass and two gaps make up our triple glazing, perfect for rural properties where temperatures can plummet during the winter months.

What is the warranty for windows at Britannia?

We give a written guarantee of up to 10 years with all our products. We are invested in making sure you having the best quality windows with the most secure installation possible. Despite the 10-year guarantee, most of our windows exceed long past this if they are looked after properly. We provide advice on the best ways to maintain your new windows depending on where you live and the types used on your project when we come to install them.


We always put our customers at the forefront of our business, so please don’t think twice in contacting us with any questions or doubts.

Do I really need new windows?

At some point in every window’s lifespan, they will start to wear out. However, we understand that you will want to get the full use out of your windows before it comes time to replace them. We do not have a fixed time suggestion for when you should replace your windows. Rather, we recommend checking your windows every so often to make sure they are performing as you wish. The main signs that point to needing new windows include:

  • It is hard to open or close your windows
  • Condensation is visible between the two glass panes
  • Your window frame has obvious degradation
  • The inner window pane has a distinguishable coldness to it when you touch it


If your windows fit most of these criteria, we suggest it may be time to have your windows replaced.