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Our selection of doors is a simple way to add a touch of personality to the exterior of your project. Choose from our various styles ranging from high-security front doors to statement bifold patio doors.

Using your precise details and preferences, we will manufacture your doors in our state of the art Clevedon factory. As we have complete control over the manufacturing process, you can personalise your doors as much as you want. We are dedicated to providing you with a service and product you feel 100% satisfied with, which is why all of our products are made of high-quality materials and installed by professional engineers.

Discover the highest level of security for your front door with our composite doors that consist of fusing various materials together. We also make sure that all our doors are fitted with multi-point locking systems, as well as offering a stylish range of finishes so your front door complements your project’s exterior.

Similarly, if you are looking for a beautiful back door to lead you into the outdoors, we have a rich selection on offer. These include (but are not limited to) sliding patio doors, French doors, stable doors and bifold doors for you to find your ideal door style. We want you to find your dream project aesthetic with our doors, so you feel at project in your space, so please contact us if you want our advice. We have experts on hand to discuss the products, or you can visit our local Exeter showroom to test out your next potential door.

Download our brochure for more ideas, scroll through our website or contact us today to receive your free, no-obligation quote.

Common questions

What is the most secure type of front door?

When considering front doors, security is of utmost importance. We provide many components to keep your door secure, but the material we use and our locking systems are the most important. Composite doors are the strongest doors on the market, but our uPVC doors are also extremely secure. All glazing on front doors will have thermally toughened glass which is extremely difficult to break. Pair these materials with a multi-locking system, rather than a standard Yale or Mortice lock, and you’ll have a very secure front door.

Is a new front door a good investment?

New front doors provide valuable aspects to your projects, such as kerb appeal, increased security, and protection from the British weather. In comparison to an old timber door in bad nick with single glazed panels, a new secure front door is likely to add some value as well. Potential buyers will admire the freshness of a brand new, secure and modern door.

Although it is a brilliant investment if you are thinking of reselling your house, it remains a great investment even if you aren’t going to sell. You will feel peace of mind in knowing your front door is as safe and secure as possible.

What is the best type of patio door?

When choosing a suitable patio door, it is important to reflect on how much you use these doors. If patio doors are one of the main entrances to your project, it would be best to select doors that open and close quickly, such as French doors. We also offer sliding doors which work best when you have a small space, as there are no door frames to get in the way. If you’re looking for an unobstructed open area between your project and your garden, then bifold doors are a great choice.

How do I protect my doors from burglars?

Ultimate protection can be found in a door made with strong materials and a thorough locking system, although many other factors should also be taken into account. There are various ways you can help prevent burglars from attempting to break in. Do not leave expensive or appealing items on show to passers-by, leave lights on if you are not present for a number of days and make sure to install cameras near your front door. Some only use a decoy camera, but even these are enough to make burglars think twice. As for your door, you can be well-assured that at Crown Commercial, we build all doors in accordance with initiative that aims to reduce crime and increase building security in the UK.

Are front doors thermally efficient?

Composite doors usually offer the best thermal efficiency but this does vary depending on the type of front door. A 2010 legislation saw the British government require all replacement composite doors have a U-rating of no more than 1.8W/m2k. When looking at U-values of doors, you should aim to find a number as low as possible. Letter-based energy scales are another measurement used for front doors, and range from A+ to G. In this case, you want a front door as close to A+ as possible.